Learning Tracks

Hello girls!

I am out today taking care of some last minute family stuff. Since I didn’t have time to plan for some of you to run a rehearsal, I have asked for the laptop cart to be brought down. Together with a partner, you will be listening to some learning tracks in hopes that you can still learn some music while I’m not there! Please spend some time on each of the following songs:

Ain’t No Grave – listen to your track while following along in your music. Try to sing along. Be comfortable with the first 3 pages.

Tundra – try to sing your part along with the recording for the first two sections that we have learned in class. Then, try singing it along with just the accompaniment track.

Bring Me Little Water Silvy – First, practice singing your part along with the recording, starting with the unison part. Then, watch the video of the strange man teaching the body percussion. Follow along, review the body percussion, and try to do it along with him. Then, try to do it along with the recording of the choir. Finally, try to do the body percussion WHILE humming/singing! You can work together with a group or with your section. Next class, we will try it all together!

Ain’t No Grave Learning Tracks:

Tundra recording:

Tundra Accompaniment

Tundra Soprano 1

Bring Me Little Water Silvy:

Body percussion:

Lux Aeterna:


Gaudete Learning Tracks:

Dirait-on Learning Tracks:

Parting Glass Learning Tracks:



Parting Glass:

Mama Who Bore Me:

Lifted Me Up: