Advanced Music Theory

Due Tuesday, December 21st

Quiz on Rhythmic Dictation

Due Friday, December 17th

Project on NCT Tones.

Due Tuesday, November 9th

Quiz on Harmonic Analysis

Due Wednesday, October 27th,

Harmonic Analysis for “Joy to the World”

Due Thursday, October 21st at the end of class

Composition Project


  • Start and End on I chord
  • 3/4 or 4/4 time
  • Chord tones only in the melody
  • Must include Dotted Quarter Notes and Sixteenth Notes
  • 16 measures long
  • no more than 2 chord changes per measure
  • It can’t be in the key of C
  • All V chords must go to I

Due Thursday, October 14th

Finish Composition Project:

  • 4/4 Time
  • 8 measures
  • Key of C
  • Chords in bass clef, one chord per measure
  • start and end on a C chord
  • Melody in treble clef
  • Only use notes in the melody from the chord below

Quiz on Rhythmic and Melodic Dictation

Due Friday, October 8th

Aural Interval Quiz on Perfect Intervals.

Due Wednesday, October 6th

Quiz – Minor Scales

Due Monday, October 4th

Build the following Minor Scales:

F Natural
A Melodic
G Harmonic
Bb Natural
C# Harmonic
C Melodic

Due Wednesday September 29th

Quiz on Major Interval Identification

Build the following Minor Scales:

  • Ab Natural Minor
  • G Harmonic Minor
  • F Melodic Minor