Weekly Update – 5/15/17

Happy Monday all,

First, to all the mothers out there, I hope you all had a special and wonderful day yesterday. You each deserve it very much and are doing such a wonderful job developing such outstanding young people. Thank you for all you do on a daily basis.

This is a pretty straight ahead week for us. I wanted to outline a few of the important calendar items:

Tuesday – May 16th
7:00 a.m – Morning Band
4:45 p.m – Tuesday Prime
6:00 p.m – Tuesday Jazz

Wednesday – May 17th
7:00 a.m – Morning Band (please note, full rehearsal is Wednesday, NOT Thursday)
5:30 p.m – Thursday Jazz Sectionals (all sections)
6:00 p.m – Thursday Jazz
Thursday – May 18th
6:00 a.m – Bus departs for All State (please see attached)!
7:00 a.m – Morning Band Woodwind Sectionals

Monday – May 22nd
7:00 a.m – Morning band brass sectional
5:30 p.m – Thursday Jazz Sectional
6:00 p.m – Thursday Jazz

Tuesday – May 23rd
7:00 a.m – Morning Band
4:45 p.m – Tuesday Prime
6:00 p.m – Tuesday Jazz

Wednesday – May 24th
7:00 a.m – Morning Band
5:45 p.m – Morning band warms up for concert
6:15 p.m – Concert band warms up for concert
7:00 p.m – Concert!!!!!!!!

Thursday – May 25th
8:00 p.m – Thursday Jazz at One Longfellow Square!
– Concert Attire
– There is NO transportation to or from the concert
– Rhythm section does NOT need to bring anything except Vibes, sticks, mallets, bass, and guitar
I believe that is all that I have for this week.

A few notes of THANK YOU!

First, thank you to all of you who came out to the All Town Band concert on Tuesday. I hope you enjoyed the performances by all of our students. I am so proud of all the bands, grades 5 – 12. We are so fortunate to have so many talented students in our district.

Second, I’d like to thank everyone who was at the Jazz Residency Concert on Friday. Mr. Pietro was very complimentary of our students and had nothing but nice things to say about all of the students in the jazz program. I received an email from Mr. Burke, head of the Jazz Residency Initiative, that said it was a personal record for the JRI with regards to the size of the audience.

Finally, Thank you to Diana Marc-Aurele for all of her hard work with the residency! There were so many “behind the scenes” tasks that needed completing and Mrs. Marc-Aurele was critical in making it a successful event for our students. Thank you so much for all you have done to help our students with such a fabulous night.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

~ Mike