Weekly Update – 10/17/16

Good morning all,

I hope this email finds you well.

I had several things for you this week that I hope you will find helpful in planning.

First, thank you all so much for making the fundraising efforts thus far such a huge success. The walking tacos have been a huge hit! We have at least two more upcoming football games that I will be emailing about. Thank you so much for all your help with this.

Calendar Updates:

Attached, please find the UPDATED version of the calendar. Please note the following:

1) All basketball games have  been included.  A quick note: if a basketball game is cancelled for any reason, we DO NOT play makeup games. 

2) May 10 – 12th, there is a “Jazz Residency” here at BHS. I will explain this better in one moment.

3) On Thursday, October 27th, the Thursday Night Jazz Ensemble will be performing for the Maine School Management Association. This is the largest gathering of school boards in the state with over 500 people planning to be in attendance. We will depart BHS at 11:00 for Augusta, perform, eat lunch, then return to BHS. The bus should be back by 3 p.m.

– Students should be dressed in performance attire. Reminder, for Jazz this means: Men – Black Suit, Solid tie, dress shoes and socks. For Ladies – All black.

4) Friday, October 28th there is NO home football Game! Due to the success (CONGRATS TO ALL OUR FOOTBALL PLAYERS AND CHEERLEADERS) of the team, they have a bye week.

5) On Friday, November 4th, there is a football game scheduled. Due to 80 + members of the music department auditioning for All State that night, the band WILL NOT be participating in the game.

Jazz Residency

BHS has been asked to host internationally known Jazz Saxophonist Dave Pietro for a three-day residency in May.  You can read more about Dave here: http://www.davepietro.com/ .  Dave is an internationally known clinician, performer, and teacher. He currently is on staff at NYU and tours throughout the globe. He is HIGHLY sought after as both a performer and a clinician. An organization known as the “Jazz Residency Initiative” has heard about the reputation of our jazz program and asked if we would be interested in having Dave come up for a three day program with our students. I jumped at the opportunity. Please note: There is a concert with our students Friday, May 12th at 7:00 p.m in Crooker. I will be updating you all as I hear more about what we are planning.  This is an INCREDIBLE opportunity for our kids. I am so amped for them to have the chance to play with and learn from an outstanding teacher.

This week:

Here is the schedule of events for this week:

– Tuesday

7:00 a.m – Morning Band

2:15 p.m – District 3 Help 

5:30 p.m – Trumpet sectional for Tuesday Jazz

6:00 p.m – Tuesday Night Jazz

– Thursday

7:00 a.m – Morning Band

5:00 p.m – Thursday Jazz Rhythm Section Sectional

5:30 p.m – Saxophone Sectional

6:00 p.m – Thursday Night Jazz 

Next Week:

– Monday 

– DISTRICT 3 Auditions

– Bus Departs BHS at 2:10 p.m.

– Students must have their permission slip and $8 returned THIS WEEK to us. Checks should be made out to BHS Music Department

– Students should be in shirt, tie, and dress shoes for the audition. Ladies should be dressed up. No jeans, leggings, shorts, etc should be worn.

– The bus should return by 8:15 p.m.

– Tuesday

– 7:00 a.m – morning band

– 5:30 p.m – Trombone Sectionals – Tuesday Jazz

– 6:00 p.m – Tuesday Jazz

– Wednesday

– 5:00 p.m – ALL WINDS for Thursday Night Jazz Sectional

– 6:00 p.m – Thursday Night Jazz 

– Thursday

– 11:00 a.m – Bus Departs for Maine School Management Association Performance at the Civic Center in Augusta

– 5:00 p.m – Rhythm Section Sectional – Thursday Jazz

– 6:00 p.m – Thursday Night Jazz 

Cool Alumni News

For those of you who remember Evan Murray, BHS Class of 2014, he had an amazing weekend at Umaine.

The Bangor Maine Papa John’s sponsors a “field goal challenge during the half-time of University of Maine home football games.  A contestant (chosen by random drawing at the game) is given the chance to try 3 field goals of  successfully greater distance: 15 yds, 25 yds, and 35 yds. Any missed field goal and the contest is over.  If the contestant makes the first field goal everyone at the game gets a 50% discount on their Papa John’s order. If s/he makes the second field goal, the contestant wins a $500 pizza party. If the contestant makes the 35 yd field goal, s/he wins $10,000 (which has never happened in the 6 years that they’ve held the contest).  Evan was selected as the contestant at yesterday’s game.  Watch below to see what happened!


I think that is all I have for this week. I hope this has been helpful. As always, thank you so much for all you do to support our students. This is a busy couple of weeks. I hope you all have a WONDERFUL week!!!!

~ Mike

Jazz Improv Weekend

Good morning all,

I hope this email finds you well.

I wanted to pass along a super rad opportunity that I think is worthy of all our kids.

The University of Southern Maine hosts a “Jazz Improvisation” weekend where students come and learn the facets of improvising. It meets the skill level of ANY improviser from the brand new to the highly advanced.

Info can be found here: https://usm.maine.edu/music/jazzimprov

During this event students will have the opportunity to play jazz as well as attend a variety of clinics. Clinics will focus on issues such as, you guessed it, the art of jazz improvisation, as well as issues concerning the student’s own major instrument.  A great deal of time will be spent working on jazz improvisation while performing in a combo setting. Throughout the weekend, students will have ample time to work with the USM School of Music jazz faculty.  USM jazz faculty members are, Taylor O’Donnell, voice; Bill Street and Barry Saunders, saxophones; Chris Oberholtzer, trombone; Chris Klaxton, trumpet and piano; Gary Wittner, guitar; Bronek Suchanek, bass and Les Harris Jr., drums.

Each year they bring in a guest artist to feature on a concert. This year they will be bringing the featured soloist with the U.S. Army Blues, Graham Breedlove.  Today, Washington, D.C. based Graham Breedlove is critically acclaimed as being …one of the most exciting trumpet players on the planet! –ITG Journal.  Please check out his website for more information, the address is: http://www.grahambreedlove.com/

There is a fee associated with this BUT if your student is interested, please let me know and we can work on a scholarship for them. I’d love to see as many of our students attend as possible.

If you have any questions, please let me know. 

~ Mike

Weekly Update – 10/4/16

Dear parents,

Happy Tuesday! I hope this email finds you all well and enjoying a wonderful start to the school year.  It has been an absolutely UNBELIEVABLE start for the music program! All 4 large ensembles have been working tirelessly on their various music and are looking forward to sharing their work with you at the first game on October 7th!

I wanted to be in touch about some very important news and information for this year.  

First, there is a Music Boosters Meeting tomorrow, Wednesday October 5th, at 6:30 p.m. In the band room. It will be dealing primarily with our largest fundraiser of the year, the Silent Auction. There is still a lot of help needed so we would appreciate your time very much!

Next, as you know, the band will be at the Football game this Friday! At each home game, the band sells “Walking Tacos” (or “Tacos in a bag”) to help the music department.  We are in need of some easy volunteering. The Sign Up Genius for what we need is here: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/805084babad29aa8-outdoor

Please take a moment to see if you can help.  

Next, as many of you know, this is slated to be a “Music Department Trip Year”. While we are still looking at the exact location, we thought it would be prudent to talk about cost and fundraising. There will be a separate meeting for all parents interested in having their son or daughter attend the trip but it makes sense to begin the talk of fundraising now.

In the past, the music boosters has contributed more than $20,000 toward student expenses on the trip. Because of this contribution, we were able to bring the cost of the trip down to $675 per student.

While we are working on finding exact pricing for you, we wanted to “get the ball rolling” on fundraising.  While we know not every kid will fundraise, we know that a majority of students will need to benefit from the financial assistance that the boosters provides.

We are asking that families help in as many ways as possible:

Ways in which you can you help:

  1. Attend the upcoming music boosters meeting to volunteer for needed jobs.
    • Wednesday, October 5th – 6:30 p.m. – Music Room
    • Wednesday, November 2nd – 6:30 p.m – Music Room
    • Wednesday, November 30th – 6:30 p.m. – Music Room 
  2. If you or someone you know is willing to donate either goods or services to the auction, please reach out and let me know in what ways you are able to contribute.
  3. Encourage your son or daughter to volunteer contacting local businesses that need to be contacted. Mr. Scarpone and Mrs. Albert can tell them which businesses to contact and provide a script.

As always, if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Details about the trip will be made public as soon as we have school board approval and all decisions made. All we do know is that we are looking at April Vacation to minimize impact on curricular time.

Thank you so much for all you do to support our kids! I hope you have a wonderful week. As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

~ Mike 

Weekly Update – 5/31/16

Dear Parents,

Happy almost June! Man, how quickly time has gone. It feels like just yesterday I was sending out the first weekly update.

I have several items to bring to your attention.

Today (Tuesday)

5:30 – Tuesday Jazz Brass Sectional

6:00 – Tuesday Jazz

Wednesday, June 1

7:00 p.m – Chorus concert! Come support the choirs!

Thursday, June 2nd

7:00 a.m – Morning band

6:00 p.m – Thursday Jazz

Friday, June 3rd

5:30 p.m – Thursday Jazz reports for jazz night

6:00 p.m. – Tuesday Jazz reports for jazz night

7:00 p.m. – Jazz Night @ Crooker Theater!!

Saturday, June 4th


8 – 2p.m @ 7-Eleven on Maine Street

We need a bunch of help. I have created a sign up genius below.


This is a super fun, great way for our kids to raise some money. The weather looks stellar and it is always a good time. Please encourage your son or daughter to sign up.

*** In the event of Rain, I will publish something on www.brunswickmusic.org with information ***

Wednesday, June 8th

7:00 p.m. – Music Awards Night @ Crooker Theater – This event is not only for seniors! Awards are presented to kids from throughout all four grade levels. It is a great way to celebrate the accomplishments of so many of our students.

Friday, June 10th


6:00 p.m – Students report to Watson Arena in concert attire

– They will need their instruments!

– There will be no bussing from BHS to Watson. Students must arrange transportation themselves.

– Plan on being a bit early, especially if you want to park. By 6:15, it is zoo

7:00 p.m. – Graduation Starts

8:30 p.m. – Graduation ends

I believe that is all that I have for today! Thank you all so much for your support last week at the concert! I hope you enjoyed the hard work put on by our kids. They truly work hard each and every day. I feel so fortunate to have such a wonderful group of musicians to work with. Thank you for encouraging them to continue with their instrumental studies. They have been fabulous.

I hope to see you all on Friday for the jazz concert and then Saturday to GET YOUR CAR WASHED!!!!

Have a great week!

~ Mike

Parade Today!

Good morning all,

After consulting with the other 3 band directors and checking the forecast, we will NOT be marching in the parade today. Please pass the word. The two trumpet players who are playing taps on the mall will still need to be there around 11.

Have a wonderful day.

~ Scarpone

Date Correction/ Clarification

Good morning all,

Sorry about the second email. Apparently my fingers were working faster than my brain last night.

Here is the correct list of dates:

Monday – 5/23
There is NO jazz this night

Tuesday – 5/24
7:00 a.m – Morning Band
5:30 p.m – Tuesday Night Jazz Brass Sectional
6:00 p.m – Tuesday Night Jazz

Wednesday – 5/25
5:30 p.m – Morning band warm up
6:00 p.m – Concert Band warm up for concert
6:30 p.m – Doors open for concert
7:00 p.m – Spring Concert

Thursday – 5/26
Thursday Night Jazz Rehearsal 6:00 – 8:00 p.m
(This keeps the dates I Sent out a few weeks ago on the Spring Jazz Calendar)
Sorry about the confusion.

Enjoy your day.

~ Miek

Updates and Reminders – 5/18/16

Good evening all,

I hope this email finds you well.

I just wanted to send out a few quick reminders about upcoming events and some last minute details on tomorrow. Below, please find a calendar of events that are important for everyone:

Monday – 5/23
Thursday Night Jazz Rehearsal (due to Senior Awards night on the 27th) 6:00 – 8:00 p.m

Tuesday – 5/24
7:00 a.m – Morning Band
5:30 p.m – Tuesday Night Jazz Brass Sectional
6:00 p.m – Tuesday Night Jazz

Wednesday – 5/24
5:30 p.m – Morning band warm up
6:00 p.m – Concert Band warm up for concert
6:30 p.m – Doors open for concert
7:00 p.m – Spring Concert

Monday – 5/30
7:30 a.m – Bus Departs BHS for Memorial Day Parade
11:15 a.m – Memorial Day Parade Ends in front of Byrnes and Scarlet Begonias (this time may change if the parade runs slowly)
– Students MUST wear black dress pants, black shoes, and an orange BHS Band polo ABSOLUTELY NO LEGGINGS WILL BE ACCEPTED.
– Sunglasses will not be allowed
– The Polo will be passed out to new students on this day. Returning students should make sure theirs is washed and wrinkle free
– Students who do not adhere to the dress code will receive a 0 for the performance.

Tuesday – 5/31
6:00 p.m – Tuesday Night Jazz

Friday – 6/3
5:30 p.m – Thursday Night Jazz Warm Up for Spring Jazz Night
6:00 p.m – Tuesday Night Jazz Warm Up for Spring Jazz Night
6:30 p.m – Doors open to Crooker
7:00 p.m. – Spring Jazz Night

All State Reminders
I sent this link out a few weeks ago but it is worth re-sending:


The above website has the answers to ALL questions about All State for the students participating in the festival. I have attached the info for students involved in Jazz, Chamber, AND the All State Festival. (this does not apply to students who are just in jazz band and going up for the day tomorrow)

Some reminders for the jazz students traveling tomorrow:
7:30 a.m – Bus departs BHS
10:00 a.m – Bus Arrives @ UMaine Orono
11:00 a.m – Warm up at 101 Neville Hall
1:00 p.m – Tuesday Jazz Performance Clinic w/ Wycliffe Gordon for Music
Teachers, students, and parents
– Thursday Jazz watches clinic
2:10 p.m – Tuesday Jazz joins Chamber Choir – Bus Departs for Brunswick
– Thursday Jazz warms up in Neville
3:00 p.m – Thursday Jazz watches reading band
4:00 p.m – Thursday Jazz performance with Wycliffe Gordon
4:30 p.m – Bus Arrives at BHS for Tuesday Jazz
5:15 p.m – Bus Departs UMaine for dinner
6:45 p.m – Bus Departs Dinner headed to BHS
8:45 p.m – Bus arrives at BHS

Students need to be dressed in concert attire for the 7:30 bus. They MAY bring some clothing to change in to but it is not mandatory
They will need money for lunch and dinner (unless they are heading back at 2:10)
I believe that is all the info that your students need for the next week or so.

As always I hope that you are well and REALLY appreciate the support that you show our students. I hope you have enjoyed everything you have seen. I am very, very proud of them.

Have a great week! I hope your kids are looking forward to this weekend!!! It is going to be so exciting!!!!
~ Mike